Bringing back the benefit

A better health benefits shopping experience for employees. Backed by powerful technology and tools, the Hixme platform helps you build a personal health profile to match you with the best fitting benefits, for you and your family.

We helped Hixme in the rebranding the company, hired a design team, launched multiple health benefits products—both customer facing and our administrative apps—and oversaw all marketing. We shaped the overall brand strategies and facilitated all sales collateral for our high-touch sales team. Through our help, Hixme to raised and secured millions in seed capital and helped them to establish a partnership with KPCB for both A and B rounds of funding.

Brand, Product design, Web, Illustration, Campaigns, Sales materials


Hixme is a vibrant brand with a dynamic logo to go with it. The brand relies on integrating real people whenever possible in order to bring out the humanity the brand is meant to evoke.

Brand strategy, Brand identity

One size does not fit all.

Value Proposition

The only health benefits solution that unlocks the private insurance market for employers and frees businesses from group insurance.

Brand Strategy

We took the time to develop a very cohesive brand strategy at Hixme. With the help of the design team I hired we were able to think strategically and act tactically with every design decision we made.
Brand Promise

We promise to give employers more choice, so they can benefit the lives of their employees.

We promise to focus on employees by giving them more freedom, because freedom is always the greatest good.

We promise to invest in our own employees' individuality and give them freedom to explore radical solutions.

Visual Identity

Hixme is all about individuality. With the rebrand, I chose to focus on the most important aspect of Hixme's mission: Benefits made for me.‍

The core brand palette of Hixme was a blend of vibrant colors and their gradient counterparts. The primary own-able color is Hixme Teal, while all the other colors are complimentary to that tone and saturation.

With a voice that is fresh, human, and simple, Avenir Next was chosen as the typeface for both marketing and product design. It is designed to excel in situations where information comes before style — also we wanted the type to be understated without becoming generic. Avenir Next bridges the gap between marketing typography while being a work-horse font used throughout the products.

A custom typeface was created so that Hixme could brand their subsidiary products and internal projects quickly and easily.

Typography, Fonts

Visual Language

Vibrant, engaging & consistent.

Hixme's style guide makes sure its robust identity — logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and all the other little things — will continue to shine through consistently in every situation, from business card to bubblegum.


Bringing back the benefit for employees and employers.
While at Hixme I oversaw all product design and created multiple experiences. These included, our core customer facing web app Enrollme, our admin system Hixme Admin, and various other small tools for our sales teams.

Product strategy, Product design, Illustration
Fig 2. — EnrollMe Wireframes
Fig 3. — Hixme Admin UI
Fig 4. — Hixme Design Library

Keeping Hixme human

— and consistent.

Hixme was built for humans. Every pixel has to reflect the empathy that Hixme has for its users. Every human interaction with Hixme has to feel natural and intuitive as if the user is communicating with another living and breathing human being, and not a cold and calculated machine. Our UI takes into consideration human error and makes sure that no user is left wondering what went wrong, but is quickly conversationally informed of what happened and is given a clear path to fix the mistakes and continue on towards his/her goal.

Fig 4. — Design Components

Illustrations & Iconography

We developed two illustrated characters to support the Hixme brand in various contexts. The characters used for marketing were called Meeple — the other character was a robo-helper named Melvin, that could answer any questions within the Hixme products.
Two approaches for icon styles were created as well. For brand and marketing icons we incorporated the vibrant gradient color palette, while for product and UI we went for a more subtle and two-tone approach.

Illustration, Messaging
Fig 5. — Meeple Characters

Sales & Client

Hixme was a high-touch sales dynamic, targeting large to mid-size employers . We supported our sales teams with collateral, tools, and great design.

Print, Web, Presentation design


A place for Hixme to live.
We created multiple web experiences for Hixme, including a blog, marketing site, web portals so that each of our customers could send their employees to a co-branded website to begin their enrollment.

Fig 7. — Final Landing Page

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