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Insuring the future. Insurance companies should reward customers for buying safer cars and driving them in a safer way.

DRIAV [pronounced "drive"] focused on enabling the safety, savings, and freedom that comes with autonomous car technology.

We helped DRIAV with their entire design architecture, from strategy and branding, to product design, and everything in between. We were able to help them raise millions in capital and worked with them to solidify a partnership to underwrite their insurance policies.

Fund raising, Strategy, Branding, Web, Product design, Photography


Inspired by the motif of shifting plate tectonics, we established a brand aesthetic that evoked the steadiness of rock, but also its adaptive nature. The paradigm has shifted.

Brand strategy, Brand identity
Core Question

If your car is doing the driving, who is liable in the event of an accident?


DRIAV exists to insure a safer future.


At DRIAV we followed my proprietary business and brand strategy. This inward strategy helped DRIAV to look outward and be actionable with their mission, at every turn.


Multiple apps. Same vision.
While at DRIAV we designed two customer facing mobile applications, a simple lead-gen web app, and an admin system — with a core UI library to keep everything cohesive.

Product strategy, Product design, UX/UI

Designing the next revolution in auto insurance

One more reason to own a Telsa: Save on insurance.

I helped DRIAV to launch an insurance pilot program exclusively with Tesla owners, to get feedback from vehicle owners and pilot their new approach for insurance. The goal was to track the number of autonomous miles driven per month.

Calculate autonomy. See your savings.

As a simple growth strategy we worked to develop a lead-gen funnel through a simple web app. The DRIAV savings calculator allows a customer to build a simple driver profile, calculate their potential savings using the web app, and then to share their results on social.

Web, UX/UI, Social

No more forms.
Just start a chat.

Instead of designing another typical insurance application, we decided to create an incredibly powerful chat interface. A DRIAV user would be able to seamlessly chat with our virtual insurance chat bot to service their vehicle or start a claim.

Fig. 1 — DRIAV App Wireframes
Quick access to everything in the app.
Easy access your policy info.
Automated emergency services and roadside assistance.
Machine learning assesses extent of damage.
Decisions, decisions... The power of chatbots

DRIAV users would primarily interface with the app through a chat bot built with DialogFlow. Being conversational and adaptive, the bot is able to help you with everything from starting a claim to checking your billing, dramatically cutting down on internal process and operations.

Fig. 2 — Chat flows & decision trees for DialogFlow AI
The Crashboard. Process a claim in a snap.

With the advent of sensors, cameras, and LIDAR on tech enabled cars, insurance companies are now able to stop guessing about what happens in the event of an accident. I created a prototype of a powerful admin system for tracking and processesing claims.

Admin system design


Standing out in a stodgy industry.
DRIAV needed a new web approach in order to differentiate their revolutionary vision.
Fig 3. — Simple landing page
Fig. 4 — Website wireframe
Fig. 5 — Offices, signgage & policy holder keychain
DRIAVERS. A team of innovators.

We built a solid team of InsurTech wizards and startup veterans all with the same mission: to revolutionize the auto insurance industry.


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