Bringing back the benefit

Fig 1. — A participatory, human-centric brand
Hixme is a health benefits startup with a ground breaking model of how benefits can be administered to employees. I helped Hixme to raise and secure multi-millions in seed capital and helped them to establish a partnership with KPCB for both A and B rounds of funding. I rebranded the company, designed and launched their multiple health benefits products—both customer facing and administration apps—and oversaw all marketing output. I created all brand strategies and interfaced with their clientele at on site meetings to facilitate sales with design, in a high-touch environment.
Product Design

Leading a team of designers, we were tasked with building a health benefits platform for mid-sized employers. This meant designing a friendly UI and incredibly easy to use user experience. Since the demographic of users was so broad we had to create something that was human-centric and avoided all of the confusion surround health insurance and it's complicated terminology.

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