The Why Session

When you know your Why, you know What to do.

Many of us are able to describe What we do and How we do it, however the missing piece for many of us is that we are unable to articulate Why we do the things we do—that is the reason I designed the Why Session for my clients. The Why Session is a 4-hour collaborative workshop, designed to capture the convictions, purpose, and core values of your organization—all of the aspects that give your organization its true differentiation in the market.

Uncovering and capturing these fundamental business components ensures everyone at the company is working from the same foundation, and more importantly, is headed in the same business direction.

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"Everyone deserves safe travel."
Jon Viner,
"We are a community within this community."
Adam Reid Wilson, Learn Music
"Families deserve better support."
Ashish S., HelloOtto
"Make health easier."

What happens in a Why Session?

1. Research

I start with what has been established by your brand and work to uncover the driving force behind your business. I look at the current and past messaging of your organization and create a pre-narrative of your brand before we even start.

2. The Session

During the 4-hour session, I guide participants through an interactive process that surfaces your organization’s beliefs, purposes, and values. My goal is to hone in on your Why as the session progresses, capturing the emerging stories and articulating the businesses' core beliefs, until we come to the core of Why your business exists and Why you do what you do.

3. The Output

Now comes the value. The output from the Why Session is a written document that captures your core beliefs, purposes, and values. I call this your brand manifesto, and my hope is for it to be the Northstar of your company. The value of this document is that it is shareable, accessible, and can be referenced by all of your partners, employees, and clients—a shared vision for your brand. It is my goal to insure that what we capture in your Why Session is the most valuable written document in your entire business.

Every business must start with Why.

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