Below is a list of resources that have greatly influenced the way that I approach design, and my hope is that they can do the same for you.


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

Even though this is a book on architecture you will learn the absolute fundamentals of design. One of the easiest books to digest but incredibly powerful.

A More Beautiful Question

My entire design process is centered around asking powerful questions so that I can get equally powerful answers, and this book was the catalyst for me to learn how to do that most effectively.

Can't Hurt Me

This book changed my life. It is hard to describe the lessons that I have learned from it, but I guarantee that if you are open and vulnerable enough to listen to the lessons within, it will change you for the better.

Designing Brand Identity

This book is full of amazing methods that you can adopt and adapt into your branding approach. Great for those just starting out in brand design all the way to an advanced brand architect.

Start with Why

This book needs no introduction. My entire process was shaped by the contents of this book and it has inspired millions to build brands and businesses that start with why.

Story Driven

This short book is packed with business and brand philosophy that is amazingly powerful. If you are a brand designer that cares about storytelling this is the best book I know.

Visual Grammar

This book is a primer on the very fundamentals of design. The principles in this book can be applied to any problem if you treat them as theory and not rules.

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