Lightning Couriers

Shockingly fast.

Local, fast delivery. Lightning Couriers service the central hubs of New Jersey and New York City. With a core fleet of vehicles there is nothing that Lightning can't deliver as fast as... well, you know.

Branding, Product design, Illustration, Iconography, Web

Lightning Couriers needed a brand identity that brought the same energy as its name but was still friendly and approachable. We developed a color scheme of contrasting vibrant pastels set on a dark backdrop. The brand mark is a playful mascot fashioned entirely of lightning bolts.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

A people driven platform.
Lightning was built on a real people centered approach, and showcased the couriers and delivery persons that keep our world moving each and every day.

Bring the world closer.

Value Proposition

Enabling local delivery for any order at any size. Keeping your locality moving, with fast and careful shipping.

Fig 1. — Landing page design

Product Design

A best in class product.
Lightning Couriers positioned itself as not a disrupter, but rather as a best-in-class company. We designed an application for both couriers and admins to be able to create orders, track deliveries, and process payouts to every courier.

Product design, Product strategy

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