How I work

I help people and companies to communicate with honesty and conviction. But, I believe the only way you can accomplish those things is by firstly focusing on Why you do What you do. I enable companies to look inward so that they can look outward, and effectively tell their brand-story with everyone who comes into contact with it.

Below is a high level overview of how I accomplish what is described above.

Step 1.


I don't start with look-and-feel or survey the latest market trends. I start with uncovering the Why behind your mission, and I help you to discover the core beliefs that differentiate you from every other organization. Because it is your beliefs that are your strongest differentiator and enable you to truly stand out amongst your competition.

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Step 2.


Only once we have established your core beliefs can we strategize about How we are going to act on those beliefs. Without firstly establishing Why, any strategy can easily devolve into manipulation: What do I have to say or do to get people to buy from my business? Strategy becomes so much easier and authentic when you build your organization on a foundation of first answering Why.

Step 3.

What & Who?

It is my job to help you to find the appropriate audience and provide real value for them. It is easiest to create a satisfied customer when they truly understand your vision and values. The more you know about your audience, the better prepared you are to give them the content that inspires them to take action.

Step 4.

Where &

Creating great content for the right people is all well and good, but what if no one is there to see it? Once the right content exists (What), you have to get it in front of the right people (Who), in the right place (Where), at the right time (When).

Step 5.

Evaluate &

Evaluation allows us to adjust the How, What, Who, Where and When. It helps us see what is working and what is not, and is invaluable in helping us evolve your business—a business built on the firm foundation of Why.

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