How do your fears shape you?

Knowing and overcoming your fears is key to building an unbreakable brand

Fear controls us. Some fears can be complex and it can be difficult to pinpoint their origin. Other times, it is easy to recount the moment a fear was formed and how it shapes who we are. Either way, it is obvious that fear dictates our lives—but what do I mean by fear? Let me first tell you what I don't mean: I don't mean fear of heights, spiders, or public speaking. Unless those things are actual diagnosed phobias, they are what I would categorize as superficial fears; you are only afraid of these things when you are encountering them. The fear I am referring to has the power to dictate your life choices.

It goes without saying that we all avoid our fears in one way or another—no one wants to constantly confront the things that invoke fear. I wrote this article to encourage you that that this does not have to be the case. In fact, we can flip the script and make our fears work for our betterment. Keep reading to learn how.

Here are some powerful outcomes that come from contemplating our fears:

1) By knowing our fears and writing them down we know what we need to overcome. We can build actionable steps to enact change and practice courage.
2) We can build an unbreakable mindset by getting out in front of our fears and not let our fears control us.
3) When we uncover our fears, we can discover new fears in the process, which gives us even more opportunity to be courageous and to build a brand that is rooted in a virtue that all people admire.
4) We can plumb the depths of a fear, and not just deal with it superficially. Oftentimes, I will think I have worked through an issue in my life, but really I was only dealing with it on a surface level.

As I alway say, to understand who you are you must unpack that particular sphere of your life by writing down your inner dialogue. Only through the act of writing can you get to the core of a thing, and you can begin shaping your brand, your business, and your life with purpose.

Lastly, the opposite of fear is courage. When we confront what we fear we are practicing courageousness—a virtue that all persons admire and want to experience. What is more powerful than a brand that promotes courage? Everyone wants to be the hero, so giving your audience a story of overcoming fear and authentically displaying courage is incredibly powerful.

Everyone wants to be the hero, so giving your audience a story of overcoming fear and authentically displaying courage is incredibly powerful.

P.S. This is one of the hardest articles for me to write, primarily because my Why is deeply shaped by fear—for better or worse. Fear equals vulnerability, and perhaps one of my biggest fears is being a vulnerable person. Ironically however, one of my core convictions is that "Being vulnerable should be an easier process for everyone because we all long to be known." My hope is that this article can help you to unpack your fears and use them to your advantage.

All of this is outlined in The Why Deck, which is a tool to help you to unpack why you do the things you do, and to clearly know your convictions.

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