Ask Why 3 Times

The most simple and powerful method for knowing.

The following is actual dialogue from a Why Session I did with a client. By simply asking "Why?" three times, you can get to a deeper understanding of what a person truly believes and what convicts them. Capturing your convictions is so important because it helps you to recognize what you want to see actualized in the world and allows you to live with what I call "personal purpose" and not a vague sense of purpose that is foisted upon you by someone else or is external to you.

"When I was younger I felt like I had no direction in life."
1. Why?
"I guess I just did not have an strong leaders to look up to in my life and my parents never really encouraged me to work hard at something."
2. Why?
"I think my family and community was just complacent and avoided responsibility. I really want everyone to have solid leaders they can look up to."
3. Why?
"Well, without strong and ethical leaders we are just the blind leading the blind, or worse insidious people will fill the leadership vacuum. I hate the idea of people being without a honest leader."

What emerged after simply asking "Why?" was a deeply held conviction about leadership, and the powerful outcome is that through this simple exercise we get those "locked up" feelings that we all have, now transformed into words; words which can be transformed into actions—actions that you actually believe and can live out every day. And to think you get all of that, by simply asking "Why?" three times.

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